AMAR # 600 Gratitude Day at Aux-Benaulim

It was the day when the HM was asked to come only when called.  It was 17th October 2018. Aux- Ben was dressed up with the attitude of gratitude towards the community sisters. For the Sisters, the day began at 9.10 with the teachers and the Head Girl welcoming the sisters. We moved towards the school and then from the school gate a special guard of honour with a graceful

AMAR # 599 Garba and Past pupils meet at Dakor

On 15th October Pushpanjali Technical Institute organized Garba and Past Pupils meet. We began at 10.00 am welcoming all the Past Pupils and Present Trainees. 20 past pupils were present with their cultural dress. With the music beat, all played the steps of Garba. All had a lovely time playing Garba. After the Garba Past Pupils were gathered in the hall for the meeting. Sr. Urvashi welcomed and did the

AMAR # 598 Tailoring presentation at Dakor

On 18th October 2018, we at Pushpanjali- Dakor had the 3 months, 6 months and 1-year tailoring presentation.  It began at 10.30 am. The tailoring students welcomed the Sisters, staff and the trainees. With the help of Tr. Meena the students presented beautiful charts and different samples of a dress, a blouse, a pajama, a dhoti lenga, bags and clothes of babies and of small children. The students explained to

AMAR # 596 Lamp decoration at Aux-Ahmednagar

Our young and creative Auxilians once again got together on 12th October and there was a spirit of festivity in the air this weekend. In preparation for the festival of lights, all our children came together to showcase their artistic talents by decorating lamps and diyas in an amazing fashion. The outcome was simply amazing!  

AMAR # 595 Street plays at Aux-Ahmednagar

On  12th October our young Auxilians geared up to sensitize everyone on the burning issues of child labour, unemployment, corruption, eve teasing, female infanticide, inequality, disadvantages of social sites and mobile phones, injustice done to farmers etc. in our present day society  and the like. This was done through Street plays. They will be moving to the nearby villages in the coming weeks to enact their street plays there and

AMAR # 594 World Wild Life Day in Aux-Ahmednagar

  The World Wild Life day was celebrated in our school on 1st October. Each person gathered in the school was sensitized and made aware of the importance of different and unique species of God’s marvelous creation. Importance of the event and the urgent need to save, protect and nurture these species was beautifully done through the prayer moment and the presentation of a short skit.  

AMAR # 593 An unforgettable experience-Apostolic Experience

Mission has its roots in the love of God. Theory becomes realistic when we do practicals. And so we the novices were sent to the different communities of our province for an experience of knowing and learning the charism and different apostolic works of our institute. “It’s hard to forget something which gave you so much to remember.” My heart has always longed to go to the missions and that

AMAR # 592 Gratitude day at Lonavla

Merriment, song, dance, rejoicing and above all, a spirit of thanksgiving filled the air at Auxilium School, Lonavala, as Gratitude day was celebrated on 17th October. The whole school gathered in the basement which was colourfully decorated. Students lined the path from the convent to the basement. The Sisters were led by dancers and teachers into the basement hall. An aarti was performed and our dear sisters led by Sr.

AMAR # 591 Gandhi Jayanti at Keshnand, Pune.

 On 2nd October 2018, we celebrated the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, also known as ‘Bapuji’, the father of our nation. To commemorate this occasion we organized an essay and drawing competition based on the theme ‘My life is my message’. The girls at Keshnand were eager to take part in the competition. They wrote the essays in three different languages i.e. Hindi, Marathi, and English and sketched the