March 2015

Hamilton wanted a strong national government with financial

You absolutely right, but remember that not only are women physically smaller than men, but we get this shit drilled into our heads from a pretty early age. It called “socialisation”: exposure to society unwritten rules constantly pouring down on you from everyone around you, teachers and parents and peers and everyone else, will cause you to take on the characteristics that society demands from you. It not hard and

Was fatigue a factor down the stretch?

Pembina plans to allocate approximately $170 million (net to Pembina), or approximately 13 percent of its 2018 capital budget to new facilities within the Company’s joint venture partnerships. The majority of the spending will be directed to capital projects within the Midstream Partnership, including the completion of the second 200 MMcf/d gas processing train at Saturn, which is expected to be placed into service in the first half of 2018