AMAR # 324 Dakor goes for an Exposure Visit to Science City

AMAR  # 324 Dakor goes for an Exposure Visit to Science City

          11th of January 2018 was a memorable day for the Pushpanjali – Dakor VEP and NCP children. Sr. Sunanda Solanki, Sr. Pricilla Bhanga, and the four teachers accompanied the 59 children to the Science City at Gandhinagar. These were children who are studying in Std. VII to Std. X. They were carefully chosen from each village.

The children first gathered together for lunch and then stepped into the new world. They entered the huge globe where they viewed the entire creation story. The cosmos, fire, jungle, space presenting the planets, the  animals, water species , types of rocks , stages of the fetus growth, explanation of the various parts of the body in detail, the different machines and their respective functions . A 20-minute puppet show was presented by Mia Fuski who invented the Robot. see huge buildings with so many new inventions. Children were very attentive to listen and many of them clarified their doubts by asking the questions. They were familiar with some topics explained because they have studied it in their regular lessons in the school. It was also more practical for them because there was freedom to touch and observe the different equipments. Some of them were even jotting down the points so that they can memorize them which will help them in the future. There was an atmosphere of excitement especially in the mirror house where each one could see themselves in various shapes and sizes. Children had innovative experience as for most of them this had been the first time. We could notice the wonder and awe on their faces as we travelled back home.

This experience will surely have a positive effect on the children.


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