AMAR # 328 Sports Day at Shirva

AMAR # 328 Sports Day at Shirva

By Sr. Sajan Gaikwad

 We began our Sports Day by inviting God in our midst at 3.00 pm. The Chief Guests for the programme was Mrs. Shital D’Souza. Along with our Shirva boarders, there were some tuition children present for this event, nearly they were 50 in all. They were all divided in three groups Mother Mazzarello, Don Bosco and Laura Vicuna.

The children with their enthusiasm actively took part in the games. We were delighted to see their competitive spirit, the little ones and the older ones trying their best to get good scores for their group.

At the end there was the prize distribution and each of them were happy as they enjoyed themselves at the Sports Day 2017.  



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