March 2018

AMAR # 415 Women's Day at Ahmednagar

It was a wonderful and enjoyable day for our SHG women of Laura Vicuna Niwas. The day began with a procession of the guests and guest of Honour as well as the speaker of the day,accompanied by the SHG women.  An interfaith prayer moment followed wherein passages from the different Holy books such as Koran, Bhagwat Gita and Holy Bible were read,after which the Kathak dance was performed.  Theguests were

AMAR # 414 Community Gratitude Day at Aux, Koregaon Park Pune

The theme for the Gratitude day preparation was “Lord, Give Me this water” having the Pathways to Listen and Accompaniment. During these two weeks of intense preparation we tried to live the invitation of our Rector Major through his Strenna 2018 to listening and accompaniment. These were moments of community communion lived with total dedication appreciating each ones presence around and listening with the heart and through reciprocal accompaniment in

AMAR # 413 Students of Std. V of Aux- Lonavla reachout to the needy

Keeping in mind the theme of International year of Family we the teachers and students reached out to the poor families. On 28th February 2018 we the teachers and students of Std. V visited families working at construction sites. Our students gave away some eatables, toys and clothes to the people who needed it. We also enquired about their work, family members, the problems and difficulties they face every day.

AMAR # 412 Aux- Lonavla distributes 2500 paper bags and cloth bags to vendors

The classes VII A,B,C conducted reach out activity in the society of Lonavla. The purpose of the activity was to generate awareness about the sustainability of the environment. So the students of Std. VII made nearly 2500 paper bags and cloth bags and distributed to the vendors, hawkers and the shopkeepers of weekly Friday market which runs in the Lonavla city. Children conducted a rally from the school to the

AMAR # 411 AYM members of Gujarat visit to the Lion’s Club Blind School

            It was for a long time we have been deciding to take our AYM students to the Blind School home-Pratapnagar. There were some other upcoming events that were taking more precedence over this. Finally 17th March 2018 was the day when we finally took the AYM members of both the mediums for a visit to the Blind School. They were altogether sixty four. They were accompanied by Srs. Maria

AMAR # 410 Women's Day at MYC

          The community of MYC, Wadala celebrated Women’s Day for the women of Wadala village on 11th March 2018. Sr. Anita Tairipascu took the initiative along with volunteers Miss Shruti, Mrs Pramila and others invited them for the occasion and they were around 110 women. Sr. Anita animated the prayer moment on the song ‘we are one’. The Sisters of the community were the Guests of Honour for this great

AMAR # 409 Women's Day in Oros

March 10, 2018 the Auxilium Girls Promotion Centre Oros, organized a day for the women of the self-help groups and young girls of neighbouring villages. The women made their entry with joy and excitement looking forward to enjoy the day to learn something from the organized programme. All of them gathered by 10:00 a.m. 104 women and 35 young girls participated in this event. After the registration there were a

AMAR # 408 Farewell at Mornese Vihar Sulcorna

“To meet, to know and then depart is a sad tale of many a human hearts.” We the boarders and sisters of Mornese Vihar Sulcorna bid farewell to our Std. X boarders on 28th February 2018. We began this beautiful moment at 5.30 pm with a meaningful prayer service, we thanked them and asked God’s choicest blessings on them specially His help for their studies. We also prayed for them

AMAR # 407 Greenline Campaign Award Ceremony 2017-18

The Greenline team had their award ceremony on the 3rd March 2018. Nearly 75 schools participated in the competition. The programme began with the registration at 9.00 am. The students were escorted to the different workshops arranged by the Greenline like microgreens, coexistence with wildlife, upcycling, photography and waste management. The teachers had a session on mindfulness. By 11.30 the students and teachers were offered snacks and further taken to

AMAR # 406 Women’s Day celebration at Kune

By Sr. Vaneeta Khristi The 12th of March 2018 was a remarkable day for the women of Kunegaon. There were 95 women were present for the celebration. The programme began with a prayer service which was animated by Sr. Carol Nunes. The boarders performed a prayer dance which lifted up the minds to the Almighty. Sr. Carol welcomed the guests and honoured them with a shawl and a coconut. The