May 2018

AMAR # 448 Our Lady of Dolours, Wadala rejoices!

“Go in to the world and proclaim my name to all the nations and baptise them in the name of the Father and of Son and of the Holy Spirit” On 19th of May 2018 the Parish Our Lady of Dolours,Wadala had 13 baptisms and were inserted into the Catholic Church. The faith and witness of their family members inspired them to become catholic. Sr. Anita Tairipascu, Mrs. Mary and

AMAR # 447 Sun Time Fun Time at Mundhwa

On 16th April 2018, Eusebia Welfare Centre Sisters began the SUMMER CAMP. The theme was SUN TIME FUN TIME.  We had seventeen children from 4 to 13 years of age and the youngest one was two years. It was a new experience for the first time to have the tiny little ones with us. We began the Summer Camp on 16th April 2018 and concluded on 27th April 2018. The

AMAR # 446 Auxilium Sparkles 2018 at Aux- Baroda

“Run, jump, play but do not sin” We, the community members of Baroda feel fortunate to have   had organized a Summer Club for the children between the age group of 6 to 15 years. It commenced on 16th April and concluded on 26th April 2018. There were altogether 43 participants.  For better functioning, they were divided into four groups .Each day of the summer camp was well planned by Sr.

AMAR # 445 Completion of the capacity building course

       On 19th April, Srs. Anita Tairipascu, Priya Tauro, Jaya Rodrigues and 2 of our staff members received certificates for completing a course of capacity building which was organized by the Centre for Social Action (CSA) at Salvation Seva Kendra.  The classes began in July. The 2nd Thursday, of the every month we attended the classes. Many Resource persons were called to speak on various topics like Children’s Rights, Community

AMAR # 444 Farewell at St. Joseph's Vamanjoor

The day for which every hostelite looks forward to when entering the final year is the Farewell function .Their Juniors organize for them and this year that happened to be Thursday 3rd May. Each of the hostelite came well dressed in their party dress fitting the theme ROCK THE RAMP.  They really rocked the whole evening starting from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm. It was a gala evening interspersed with songs

AMAR # 443 Summer Thrill at Keshnand

  On 16th to 30th of April 2018, we had the summer club for the children of our locality, with the theme, “Play, Learn and Grow together.”  The total number the participants of the summer club were 26.    It was indeed an enriching and thrilling experience for the animators as well as for the children too.   Every day the prayer moment and a good thought for the day helped the children

AMAR # 442 Summer Splash at Aux- Carona

The young people experienced a home that welcomes activities where life lessons are learned, a playground for making new friends and the presence of Sisters that helps them grow in relationship with God and others. The campus of Auxilium, Carona was bubbling with joy and laughter. The Summer Splash began on 17th April 2018 at 9.30 am with the inaugural ceremony. In the inaugural address Sr. Antonita D’souza wished them

AMAR # 441 Summer Thrill 2018 at Aux-Caranzalem

Run, jump, shout,…. but do not sin…. In keeping with these words of our saintly founder, the community of Auxilium Caranzalem, organized a ten day fun packed summer thrill for children, to keep them busy in everything else rather than worldly lures to sin. The camp was organised for ten full days, from the 1st to the 10th of May, giving the youngsters a break only for lunch. Through animated

AMAR # 440 Summer Fun at Kune

–Sr. Carol Nunes and Sr. Vaneeta Khristi. On 17 April 2018 , Ashish Bhavan Kune echoed with laughter and shouts of joy as 35 enthusiastic kids gathered together for the much awaited summer camp of fifteen days packed with games, fun and learning. We commenced with a brief yet solemn prayer moment by Sr. Carol Nunes, inviting the Lord to bless us and the days ahead. After an ice breaker


Maria Bhavan, Bableshwar, organised a ten day summer camp from 17 to 27 April.  Around 35 children responded and these days were days of fun, learning and great joy.  Each day began with a moment of prayer, talking in English by learning new sentences and some general knowledge.   They  also organised various activities to help them learn to interact with each other; they spent time making paper bags, different flowers,