AMAR # 453 Sulcorna comes with news

AMAR # 453 Sulcorna comes with news

Introductory Day

 On 12 June, we, the Mornese Vihar, community had the introductory or welcoming day for our boarders, especially for the newcomers. Together with the Sisters the older ones welcomed and introduced the new Sisters and the new girls. They performed a welcome dance, greeted the Sisters with garlands and beautiful flowers. Our new Animator Sr. Natal Rodrigues thanked them for their warm welcome and she too, in turn, welcomed them in the boarding and gave a short message on ‘Time.’ Sister spoke to them about the importance of time, to make good use of it in studies and other activities, because the Time is precious. After the short message, we concluded the event by distributing sweets to all children.


Debate Competition

On 20th June we had the debate competition for the students of Std. VIII, IX, and X. The two topics given to them were, “Should hardworking be replaced with intelligence’. And the second was the “Should mobiles be allowed to use in the classroom or not.”  It was conducted by Sr. Betty Menezes, and each of the groups competed well. In the 21st century, the digital world of science and technology have taken the rapid growth, urges the students to use the cell phones in the classroom, which will enable them to save their time and energy.

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