“THE WISE VIRGINS WITH THEIR LAMP LIT” entered the chapel as the melodious hymn was played at AUXILIUM WADALA. We began our new scholastic2018-19 and invoked God’s blessings upon each one of us and upon our mission. The prayer moment conducted by Sr. Kalyani  Subramanyam was very meaningful and prayerful. We as a community prayed for each other and felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in and around us as like the wise virgins who experienced the presence of the Lord in their midst.

The school teachers and students were warmly welcomed to the school and as a Family. We ushered in to the new scholastic year 2018- 19 with a prayer moment animated by Sr. Maria Shirsath and the students.


  The teaching staff along with the manager Sr.Meena D’Silva and the headmistress Sr. Gloria Ferrao was gathered in Sr. Bertha’s hall at M.Y.C for the orientation programme. The spokesperson for the day was Dr. Tushar Guha. Sr. Gloria the headmistress welcomed the resource person, and all those for the programme. The theme for the day was “WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE” TEAM DYNAMIC.  Dr. Tushar Guha addressed the entire crowd with his very inspiring talks while he called us to make a difference in our   life first and then in the life of every single child that comes in contact with us. He stressed on “3 S” self- confidence, self reliance and self and sustenance   of rationality . He also spoke to us on communication while he led us into few activities.

We thanked Tr. Susan who shared her joy of serving Auxilium Wadala for the past 25 years. A sumptuous meal was served by her on this occasion. May God bless her and reward her for her service towards the school.




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