AMAR # 457 Investiture ceremony – Auxilium Caranzalem

AMAR # 457 Investiture ceremony – Auxilium Caranzalem

Leadership calls for service, commitment, listening, dedication, passion, honesty and many more qualities. Our student council for the new academic year was formed on 21st June 2018 with the very basic idea of understanding what ‘leadership’ is.

To give more impact to this important occasion Ms. Jolene Dias, a differently abled person was invited. Her presence enlightened the faces of our students as they welcomed her with affection. The ceremony began with the lighting of the lamp and was integrated by prayer, Reading of the Word of God and reflection on the same with the help of a powerpoint presentation. The reading selected for this special occasion was the ‘Anointing of David’ – a beautiful passage that speaks about God speaking through Prophet Samuel and teaching us that: “while human beings look at the external appearance, the Lord looks at the heart.” After this, the leaders solemnly marched forward to take the oath and receive their symbols of office.

The Chief Guest was then escorted ahead to address the leaders and every student in our school. Ms. Jolene was not only an inspiration but a powerful witness of God’s love and power to do the impossible. She narrated the story of her life in simple yet effective words that travelled straight to the hearts of her listeners. She also accompanied this with a song praising God which she played on her keyboard and sang with her heart and soul.

Our student leaders were not only empowered that day but were also enthused to take their responsibility seriously and with dedication. We look forward to this new academic year that has just begun with much hope and wish to work as a TEAM in journeying together through all the events and activities.


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