AMAR # 459 Happenings at Auxilium Lonavla

AMAR # 459 Happenings at Auxilium Lonavla

Staff Orientation

21st June 2018

Fr. Leon Rodrigues SDB conducted an orientation programme for the staff of K.G., Primary and Secondary sections. The seminar began with a prayer focussing on being grateful to God for our life. Through interactive a and a lively manner Fr. Leon conducted all the sessions helping teachers understand their role as educators. Together they came up with the Teachers Mission statement. The seven steps to be happy and successful were explained and demonstrated with exciting activities. All the teachers participated enthusiastically and enjoyed the sessions. 


Drawing /Poster/Rangoli Competitions – “Save water to save you.”

22nd June 2018

To make the students aware of the need to save water, there were the drawing, poster and rangoli competitions conducted for them.

All had to participate in the drawing competition, whereas Rangoli and Poster competition were organized according to their houses. The theme for this activity was “Save water to save you.”

Students were busy creatively depicting their ideas through drawings, posters, paintings, and rangolis. Myriads of colours were used to make beautiful pictures bringing out the artistic skills of the students.

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