AMAR # 460 Orientation at Aux-Baroda

AMAR # 460 Orientation at Aux-Baroda

The dawn of the new academic year began with a motivational, inspiring and fun-filled session conducted by Fr.John Sequeira. Despite his towering personality, he proved to be an enthusiastic orator who kept the teachers rapt in attention and eager to know what he would say next.

Fr. John, stresses on and laid emphasis on;

  • Smart thinking – He urged the teachers to think smart and encourage the children to do the same.
  • Attentive accompaniment – He said, “Help the child to reach the height of her possibilities.
  • Make time for focused thinking before you set goals.
  • Build positive attitudes through a positive environment
  • Remove mental blocks to realize their full potential
  • Listen – get acquainted with the inner potentialities of the child.


Through the session, he helped teachers realize the importance of their calling to be dedicated role- models, to develop a healthy rapport with the children considering each child as a unique individual and channelize their talents according to their capabilities. It was undoubtedly an enriching experience that gave a boost to the morale of the teachers to go ahead with vigour and confidence.



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