AMAR # 461 Workshop for the SHG  women on Govt. facilities &  bookkeeping

AMAR # 461 Workshop for the SHG  women on Govt. facilities &  bookkeeping

On 14th and 15thof June, the workshop was conducted for our women from city areas whose groups will be registered and can get some Govt. facilities. Mr. Krishna Sargar Community Organizer of Nagar Palika office came to give the training on bookkeeping and how to maintain the records.

On 14th June we had a workshop in Don Bosco Colony for SHG`s women and on 15thfor the Gandhi Nagar SHG`s women from the city level.  They were informed about various schemes and benefits they will receive once they are in the groups and registered themselves. The total number of women who took part was 150.

We had a special meeting for our SHG women with regards to the Registration and their norms and conditions.   Mr. Gavahane Dyaneshwar,  the Block Co-ordinator from the Panchayat Samithi was present as the resource person.  He is the one who is helping our women to get all the Govt. schemes and facilities.

He spoke very strongly and made them realize the importance of weekly meetings, savings and the need to sign at the end of the meeting.  He told the women how they must be regular and faithful in attending meetings.  We thanked our resource persons who were so efficient and effective.  He is ready to help and support the women provided they co-operate and collaborate with him.  In the end, he took the documents of one group to avail the Revolving Fund and Government loan.


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