AMAR # 1095 Christmas celebration at Auxilium Wadala!

Our world, our nation, our state is disturbed. It’s undergoing many tribulations.  Our Mother EARTH is crying due to a lot of changes in the environment. We invite JESUS the newborn KING, IMMANUEL – GOD WITH US to come and save us all from all kinds of unsafe situations. We celebrated CHRISTMAS in the school, with the support staff and community keeping these thoughts in mind. JESUS came to the

AMAR # 1094 Let us celebrate our togetherness at Auxilium Nandgad!

23 December 2019, was a red-letter day for Auxilium Convent High School -Nandgad, as we celebrated our Annual day with much pomp and show, highlighting the theme “LET US CELEBRATE OUR TOGETHERNESS” The Chief Guest for the day was Sir Hamja Hussien, commandant, KSRP, 2nd battalion –Belagavi, Guest of Honour Mr.Ajay Heda, President of Rotary Club. The other dignitaries present were Fr.Vijay Mendith, our Parish Priest, Mr. Subani Yellur, SDMC

AMAR # 1093 Celebrating our togetherness at Auxilium Caranzalem!

The 26th of December was a special day for the sisters of the Goa region, as we joyfully came together to have a Christmas celebration, at Auxilium Convent – Caranzalem. We began with a meaningful prayer moment at 11 am thanking God for the gift of His Son to the world and also for the gift of our Salesian religious vocation. We were then divided into four groups, namely Angels,

AMAR # 1092 Outreach programme by Auxilium Pali!

In preparation for our Provincial Gratitude Day, children of AYG Auxilium Convent School Pali Hill set out on 21st December 2019 to St. Catherine of Siena Orphanage, Bandra. AYG conducted a short prayer moment followed by Christmas Carols and to entertain the children some games too. All the orphanage children participated wholeheartedly. Action songs also were sung by everyone. As a token of love AYG members shared with them packets

AMAR # 1091 Twin celebrations at Eusebia Welfare Centre, Pune!

 20th December was the cultural high point in our Eusebia Pre Primary School. It was our School’s Annual Day. Here we experienced togetherness as Sisters, Staff, Parents, and Helpers. All pooled in their energies to make the day a success, “and indeed it was”. The theme ‘SAVE OUR MOTHER EARTH’ was a very fitting slogan brought about by a beautiful song by the H.K.G. children. The words ran thus, “the

AMAR # 1090 Christmas celebration at Bandra!

“Let us go over to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has made known to us”. (Lk 2:15) When a child is born, the child is surrounded by the family members, everyone comes to see the newly born child. So also, when Jesus, the King was born at Bethlehem: God made the arrangement of informing His people through the angel to the Shepherds, through the

AMAR #1089 Christmas Celebration at Dakor!

On 20th December 2019 we, the Pushpanjali ITI staff and students had the Christmas celebration the theme for the celebration was “Joy, Love, Peace, Believe, and Christmas”. We began the celebration with beautiful animated prayer moments by Miss Savita Parmar and the students. To recall the story of Christmas our students performed a programme and through this programme they brought out the meaning of Christmas and God’s love. Sr. Hilda

AMAR # 1088 Evangelization & Ecology Team Meet!

The local coordinators of the Ecological and Evangelisation sectors of the Mumbai Province had a Two-Day Seminar held at SJTC, Lonavla on ‘Evangelisation for Ecological Solidarity”. This began on 29th November 2019 evening and was concluded on the evening of 1st December 2019. Sr. Santana, the Province Coordinator of both Teams put forth the question “Can we evangelize without Ecology”? It was an intriguing question and something worth reflecting on.

AMAR # 1087 Sports Day at Auxilium Caranzalem!

On the 13th of December, Auxilium Caranzalem held its Annual Sports Day.  The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mrs. Monica Lobo e Dourado, the Project Officer of SAG (Sports Authority of Goa) The celebration began with the March Past followed by the torch relay. After the participants took the Sports Oath, the Chief Guest declared the Sports Meet open. The solemn opening ceremony then followed, after which the students

AMAR # 1086 “Auxilium Celebrating Nature, Culture and More…”

Auxilium Convent High School, Pali Hill Bandra celebrated the Annual Day on 12th and 13th December 2019. On 12th the Chief Guest was Dr. Nidhi Kewalramani – project Director, Tech-Mahindra Smart Academy for Health care. On this day the parents of Kinder Garten and class 1st and 2nd students were invited. On 13th the Chief Guest was Mrs. Shyama Kulkarni- Retired Teacher and Social Activist from Bandra and the Guests