September 2019

AMAR # 963 Teachers' Day celebration in Aux- Nandgad!

“We thank you for your hands that guide, lead and help!” On 5th of September, the students of Auxilium School- Nandgad expressed their gratitude towards their teachers with a very meaningful way. At the very start of the programme, the teachers were escorted solemnly by the students with a traditional aarti. During the prayer moment, the children prayed for all the teachers and implored God’s blessings on them and their

AMAR # 962 Aux- Baroda organises “Know your plastics before you say No”

On 7 September 2019 Dr. Nitin Bhate, Dr. Sangeeta Patel and Dr. Sanat Shah, from Chemical Engineering Department of the Faculty of Technology, associates with the Indian Plastics Institute and other NGOs conducted a session to our English and Gujarati Medium students.  Dr. Nitin Bhate started with the introduction about how plastics name into existence. He covered many topics like “Where all do we find plastics?” Then he continued saying

AMAR # 961 Headmistress’ Birthday celebration at Aux-Lonavla!

The Auxilium Lonavla celebrated the birthday of the headmistress, Sr Sheela Furtado on 9th September. Sr. Sheela was welcomed with loud applause as she was accompanied by her mother, sister, aunt, sister-in-law and her nephew. A prayer service was conducted to pray for her and to thank God for the gift of her life. Each class had prepared a greeting card that was presented to her by the class monitresses.

AMAR # 960 Girl Child Day at Aux-Lonavla!

September 8, is the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary the school observed Girl Child Day on 7th September. The statue of Mother Mary was decorated in the basement hall. ‘Against all odds, we conquer’ was the theme of the backdrop. The Chief Guest for the day was Police Sub-Inspector, Mrs. Mayuri  Chaudhary from Police Training Centre Khandala, Pune  She was escorted to the hall by our Manager, Sr. Theresa

AMAR # 959 Teachers' Day at Aux-Lonavla!

Teachers’ Day began on 5th September morning with a lot of excitement and activity. Students were super excited as this was the day when they were going to demonstrate and express their love for their teachers. The teachers were escorted into the basement hall at 8.45 am, a prayer service was conducted by the school leaders. A short role-play was incorporated into the prayer. The sisters then attended to the

AMAR # 958 Aux-Lonavla organises the Dramatics Competition!

The inter-house dramatics competition was held on Saturday 31st August in the basement hall. The four houses staged plays that were value-based Helen Keller, Good over Evil, The Bishop’s Candlesticks were staged. The judges selected the best 2 plays. The students had taken a lot of trouble along with the group of teachers who had guided them. The winning houses were awarded certificates.  

AMAR # 957 National Sports Dayat Aux-Lonavla!

National Sports day was observed on 29th August as it was the birth anniversary of India’s hockey wizard Dhyan Chand. All the classes along with their class teachers assembled on the school ground. Each class teacher arranged a game for her class. The children enjoyed playing the game.

AMAR # 956 Creative Paper bag making at Aux-Lonavla!

On 9th September, 800 students of secondary section attended a workshop conducted in the school by Camlin colours. Three representatives of Camlin Company taught the students to make paper bags. The session was educative as students learned to make paper bags that are very useful as plastic bags are hazardous to nature.

AMAR # 955 Newspaper Activity at Aux-Lonavla!

On 9th September 2019, the whole school participated in newspaper activity. Students had to prepare a minimum 4-page newspaper activity, pictures, news items, puzzles, etc. were planned in house-wise groups. Every student contributed to the newspaper activity. It was aimed at making students think creatively.  

AMAR # 954 Media Education at SJTC, Lonavla!

On 26th and 27th August 2019 Sr. Lavita Sequeira, the Media Coordinator took classes on Social Media for the candidates in SJTC Lonavla. She taught us the importance of Media and how to write reports for blogs. Sr. Lavita also educated us on different Apps like Whatsapp, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Flicker. She explained to us about the different modes of the camera and how to operate it. The