AMAR # 996 Marian Evening at Khedpa!

AMAR # 996 Marian Evening at Khedpa!

On 19 September 2019, the community of Auxilium Vikas Kendra Khedpa celebrated the Marian evening along with the boarders of our centre and of the hostel.

We began our programme with the short prayer moment guided by Sr. Lorina Bandya. The welcome speech was given by Sr. Catherine Pereira, the animator of the community. The children were divided into 6 groups. The quiz and games were conducted by Sr. SunandaThombe,  Sr. Lorina Bandya and Sr. Pricilla Bhanga which were centered on Our Blessed Mother. The girls and boys displayed their talents through dance and skits. Prizes were distributed to them. We ended our programme by having a meal together.

It was a memorable evening with Mary where all of us grew in deep love of our Heavenly Queen.


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