October 7, 2019

AMAR # 1003 Navratri at Aux-Baroda!

On 5th October 2019, the Primary section (STD I- V) English Medium celebrated the Garba in the school. It was a wonderful sight to see the children dressed up in their beautiful and colourful attire. The children danced with enthusiasm and zeal so too the teachers. It was a day of dance, laughter, and togetherness and also a festive occasion to appreciate, uphold the culture and tradition of the state.

AMAR # 1002 Tailoring and Nursing presentation Day at Dakor!

On 3rd October we had COPA, Tailoring and Nursing presentation day. With the help of the teachers, the students were confident about their presentation. They explained their topics with the help of charts, powerpoint presentation, and demo.  Trainees were well prepared and they spoke with confidence. There was time for the interaction with the other students who were giving the presentation. All the trainees were happy for the opportunity which they

AMAR # 1001 Navratri celebrations at Dakor!

On 5th October we at Pushpanjali had Navaratri Celebration with the past pupils, present students, VEP and the boarding girls. All the students were dressed in Gujarati culture.  The Pushpanjali was filled with colourful dresses. With great joy in their hearts on the beats of Navaratri music, the students played Garba.  

AMAR # 1000 Garba at Aux-Lonavla!

Gandhi Jayanti was observed in the school on 2nd October 2019. The day began with two hours of Garba as the Dusshera festival was approaching. The students then embarked upon the cleanliness drive ( Swachh Bharat campaign) The school premises were cleaned by the students. In every class, they were engaged in activities like a rally for cleanliness, human chain, extempore speech, street play, and rangoli. The theme given by