AMAR # 1004 Mission Rosary at Wadala!

AMAR # 1004 Mission Rosary at Wadala!

The month of October is dedicated to our Lady and to the Missions. On October 7, both the communities gathered on the school ground to pray the Rosary. Sr.Moksha Anthonappa creatively animated the Mission Rosary praying for the all the continents.  Keeping in mind, the situation of our Planet, we prayed the Rosary the eco way ( no candles lit).

The first, green is for the forests and grasslands of Africa; second, blue is for the ocean surrounding the Pacific Islands; third, white is for Europe, the seat of the Holy Father, the Church’s shepherd; fourth, red recalls the fire of faith that brought missionaries to the Americas; and, fifth, yellow represents the morning light of the East and Asia.

May Our Blessed Mother intercede for each of us and for World Peace!


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