February 2020

AMAR # 1183 Christmas Day celebration at Mazzarello Kendra, Kasarkod!

On 23rd December, the staff and students of Mazzarello Kendra, Kasarkod celebrated Christmas together. The atmosphere of Christmas cheer reigned supreme in the hearts of one and all as one saw glitter and straw, bamboos and cards everywhere. The students of the High School had a star-making competition in the morning hours, during which on witness how all the students put in their might together, without any differences in order

AMAR # 1182 Annual Day at Mazzarello Kendra, Kasarkod!

All the students and the staff at Mazzarello Kendra, Kasarkod, seemed abuzz towards the ending days of December, with hectic preparations for their Annual Day.  We had our annual days from 19th to 21st December 2019 with the general theme “A Heart of Love”. On the 19th, the Kannada Medium Primary School had their annual function with Fr. Milton Fernandes,SDB, being the Chief Guest.  On the 20th, The Auxilium English

AMAR # 1181 Auxilium Pali Hill, Bandra bags the 8th Rank in Mumbai!

On 26th February 2020, Auxilium Convent School Pali Hill was awarded 8th Rank in Mumbai, 12th Rank in the State of Maharashtra and 61st Rank in India during the India Budget Private School Rankings 2020 Awards. Budget Private Schools (BPS) are low-priced affordable primary-secondary schools that offer affordable education to low-income households. “The Centre for Civil Society, Delhi – a highly respected think-tank – estimates the number of BPS at

AMAR # 1180 Catechetical and Value Education Week/Day at Auxilium Caranzalem!

‘Go and do likewise’, with this theme we initiated the Value Education Week on the 3rd of February. The Morning assembly was animated by different classes for the entire week. The notice board too highlighted the theme. It was told to the students that the best-behaved student from each class would be awarded a prize on the Catechetical day. On the 7th we had the Eucharistic celebration for the Catholic

AMAR # 1179 Inter-Faith Week at Auxilium Caranzalem!

We, at Auxilium Caranzalem, celebrated Inter-Faith week from 18th – 25th January. Each day was animated by a different class and a different religion was celebrated. The basic truths, the symbols, the main message, the place of worship and the Holy Book were all explained and depicted with the help of pictures and enactment. The notice board too highlighted the religion of the day. It was indeed a week of

AMAR # 1178 Gratitude Day at Auxilium Wadala!

 Gratitude is the gateway to graciousness, the pathway to politeness, the threshold of thoughtfulness, and the cornerstone of courtesy. Gratitude transforms common days into thanksgiving and routine jobs into joys and ordinary opportunities into blessings. With these sentiments, we celebrated our community gratitude day with the theme “Christian values that change lives”. To celebrate this great day we had 9 days of preparation where we prayed for each other, each

AMAR # 1177 'Say No to Rape' at Auxilium Caranzalem!

In today’s modern world, we see that women have advanced in all spheres of life. But sad to say, abuse against women in the form of trafficking, domestic violence, abuse and rapes are on the rise. Who is to be blamed? A beautiful caption at a demonstration read, “Real men don’t rape”. In order to bring about awareness of the sad plight of many women and girls in the country

AMAR # 1176 Don Bosco at Auxilium Wadala!

“World peace begins with inner peace” says Dalai Lama. We paid homage to our founder Don Bosco and Father of our Nation Mahatma Gandhi as we celebrated the PEACE DAY.  The life of Don Bosco was presented through enactment and songs. We prayed for Peace all over as our students danced to the song of “PEACE”. The school magazine was released on this feast day by our Manager Sr.Meena D’Silva.

AMAR # 1175 Value Education Day and Catechetical Day at Auxilium Wadala!

“Values are like the rail that keep a train on the track and help it move smoothly, quickly and with directions. They bring quality of life.” We celebrated the feast of Blessed Laura Vicuna combined   Value Education Day and Catechetical Day.  The students showcased the values that they learnt during this year in their value education and religion classes.   The life of Laura Vicuna was enacted. The students excelled in

AMAR # 1174 ‘Thank You dear Support Staff’ says Auxilium Wadala!

Auxilium Convent High School, Wadala is grateful to all our support staff. We celebrated Workers’ Day to express our gratitude towards our support staff for all they are to us at Auxilium Wadala. Our students put up an entertaining programme to express our love. The helpers were taken to the stage in a procession. They enjoyed the programme as well as games and food.  We thank God for all that