AMAR # 1146 Pushpanjali Family, Dakor- United as One

AMAR # 1146 Pushpanjali Family, Dakor- United as One

                On 7th February 2020,  The Pushpanjali, Dakor had the Educating Community Meeting. Members of the different sectors of our Mission – ITI Staff, NIOS Teachers, VEP Teachers, NCP Teachers, Social Workers, Domestic workers, Representatives of the SHG Members, ADMA members, Student representatives of the various ITI Courses, Representative from the Boarding, Representative of NIOS and Past Pupils were invited. The meeting began with a short prayer at 3 p.m. which was animated by Mrs. Savita Parmar. Later Sr. Hilda Braganza, the animator addressed the gathering with a warm welcome. It was a joyous moment to be together for this meeting.  

The Educating Community was privileged to have the presentation of the Strenna 2020, of the Rector Major, Rev.  Fr. Angel Fernandez Artime the successor of Don Bosco.  Sr. Maxina Luji introduced the Strenna which has its theme as “Good Christians and Upright Citizens” and the Bible quote to guide us “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”She then introduced the resource person of the day, Sr. Elphina Rodrigues, who meaningfully presented the Strenna.

Sr. Elphina began her session giving an example of the good kingdoms which reigned, where people experienced equality, justice, love, peace and many other virtues. Strenna 2020 invites us to cultivate these values in our lives. Giving different types of examples, Sr. Elphina, explained the importance and the need to be strengthened spiritually, socially and politically. A spiritually strengthened person can overcome any difficulty in life. The witnessing life of Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil, the Indian Salesian missionary, who was kidnapped in Yemen by a militia command in March 2016 and released after 18 months. His great example of life in custody was a resounding message for all.  His faith was admirable for us and for our young people to be an Upright Citizens is a great challenge. But it costs a lot.

Sr. Urvashi Macwana spoke about the upcoming event of Pushpanjali, Dakor that is the Canonical visitation of Sr. Phyllis Neves, the Visiting General Councillor who will be with us on 29th Feb and 1st March.  She presented the Time Table and the programme of our Canonical Visitation 2020.  She also asked the members for the willing collaboration in the different initiatives we will be conducting at Pushpanjali, Dakor.

Sr. Suvarna Luji had an interactive session with Educating Community Members, which helped them to better know each other and to enrich the group.

To conclude, Sr. Urvashi Macwana thanked each and every member of the Educating Community for their active participation and their presence for this meeting. All were contented to spend a valuable afternoon with the presence of each other. Sr. Perpetual Ferrao with her team served delicious snacks to all Educating Community members.        

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