AMAR # 1148 Don Bosco’s feast celebrated at Auxilium Lonavla!

AMAR # 1148 Don Bosco's feast celebrated at Auxilium Lonavla!

The feast of St. Don Bosco, founder of the Salesian Institute was celebrated with love and devotion. Don Bosco, friend of youth, was honored and remembered with great affection by everyone in the secondary section.  Our Superior, Sr. Teresa Joseph joined us in the celebration.

The virtues of Don Bosco were recalled and a prayer service was conducted. An action song, calling to mind the spirit of Don Bosco was performed. A short incident from the life of this great Saint was enacted, highlighting Don Bosco’s love for prayer and care of the young. Through the intercession of Don Bosco, prayers were made. Sr. Theresa spoke on the occasion, wishing us all a happy feast.  She highlighted the greatness of Don Bosco.

After the short but meaningful programme, a movie was screened for all classes on the life of Don Bosco snacks were served to staff and students on the happy occasion.  

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