AMAR # 1149 Don Bosco at Auxilium Pali Hill, Bandra!

AMAR # 1149 Don Bosco at Auxilium Pali Hill, Bandra!

On 31st January 2020 Friday we celebrated the feast of Don Bosco, our founder, and patron. We began the programme with a short prayer service invoking God’s blessings on the Salesian family through the intercession of Don Bosco. This was followed by a Bharatnatyam performance by our Std. X student. Our Std. IX students danced a medley rhythmically to the tune of 9 different songs. A skit based on the life of Don Bosco as a boy, where his mother plays an important role in disciplining him.

A primary student of Std. III performed Bharatnatyam dance. Our animator Sr. Leema Rose Joseph enriched us with a message elaborating on Don Bosco’s mother’s influence in his upbringing and how he later came to depend on Mother Mary to guide him.

The programme ended with hymns to Don Bosco and students were given snacks.

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