AMAR # 1217 Women’s Day at Khedpa!

AMAR # 1217 Women's Day at Khedpa!

On 8 March 2020, we at Auxilium Vikas Kendra, Khedpa celebrated Women’s Day.

The day began with the Way of the Cross highlighting the sorrows of women. During the Eucharistic celebration, the liturgy was focused on Women’s Day. At the end of the Mass, the priest asked all the men who were gathered to pray for the women.

At 10:00 am, we gathered all the women on the premises of Gulab Mariya High School, Khedpa. After the registration, we invited them to the hall and offered them snacks and tea. The programme began with a prayer dance by our hostel girls after which Sr. Catherine Pereira, the animator gave them talk on the theme “Shree Shakti Mahan Shakti” giving importance to women. She also explained to them how and why Women’s Day had to be celebrated. The rights of the women were made known to them.

The hostel boys and girls presented a skit on women’s role in the family and thanked them for what they are and what they do. The Parish Priest Fr. Constantino Rebello SFX wished all the women and spoke to them about how great women are in the family.

Sr. Sunanda Thombe in her talk brought awareness of the “The Citizenship Amendment Act, National Register of Citizens, and National Population Register.

Women from each pada also presented skits, dances, and songs. Srs. Lorina Bandya and Pricilla Bhanga conducted games for them and prizes for the games were distributed.

In the end, we distributed them take away gifts as soaps provided by Fr. Costantino Rebello, followed by lunch also by the parish community. We could see the joy on every women’s face as they left us. They found something unique and creative. They gain a lot of knowledge. Thus we ended our celebration thanking God.

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