AMAR # 1220 Sr. Phyllis Neves visits Auxilium Carona, Goa!

AMAR # 1220 Sr. Phyllis Neves visits Auxilium Carona, Goa!

The long-awaited day of the canonical visit of our house dawned on 12th March 2020 at  Auxilium Convent Carona in great splendour and music in the air. All of us unitedly were ready at the entrance to greet her. The animator Sr. Rosy Mascarenhas and the Sisters went forward to greet her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and accompanied her while the students danced with pots and hearts welcoming her. The Sisters then proceeded to the chapel.  The theme for the day was “You are Messenger of God’s Love” Sr. Dolly Rodrigues led us into a beautiful and meaningful prayer. At the end of the prayer, our animator Sr. Rosy Mascarenhas welcomed her with a heart symbol of our love, warmth, and appreciation for her and prayed that her heart may glow with love, joys, and miracles.

In the evening the boarders greeted her with music and dance and expressed their joy. On 13th morning we began the day with thanksgiving prayer moment and the Eucharistic celebration.  Sr. Phyllis began the day with great serenity and peace and often uttered the following words “your community is calm and peaceful and I feel good to be in such a pleasant atmosphere”.

At 8.30 am Sr. Phyllis Neves met the students and witnessed their talents and culture through dances and songs to give her a broad view of the culture of Goa. This was followed by a brief encounter with the staff, support staff, P.T.A core members, the Salesian Cooperators. Each member introduced themselves to her and shared their experience and expressed their happiness of being a part of the Salesian Family   Sr. Phyllis addressed the group and thanked them for their contribution and commitment to the smooth running of the school.   In the evening Sr. Phyllis Neves met the ‘NIOS”, A.Y.M members and the past pupils. Every group was treated with snacks and a little souvenir of the visit. It was a very special day for all.

In the evening Sr. Phyllis Neves gave us a conference on the wonderful, merciful love of God which is unconditional a forgiving love which forgets all of our offences and keeps us peaceful and serene in our daily lives and makes our work with the young rewarding. We felt deep within us the unconditional love of God who has given to us His Mother as our Teacher, mother, and guide. This urged us to march on with courage and enthusiasm in our task of leading the young to a better life in this world and prepare them for the next. We ended the day with an inspirational thanksgiving service.

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