May 2020

AMAR # 1229 First Profession at SHTC, Nashik!

The 24th of May 2020 was a day of great celebration and rejoicing, for despite the corona pandemic that gripped the world in fear, it did not deter the FMA Province of Mumbai or the Community of Sacred Heart Training Centre Nashik and neither the three young novices who made their first profession. The morning of the Solemnity of the Ascension witnessed a beautiful gathering of sisters of S.H.T.C and

AMAR # 1228 An Evening with St. Mary Mazzarello!

At Auxilium Convent, Carona, 13th May was the day of rejoicing and gladness as we celebrated the feast of our beloved Co-foundress Maria Domenica Mazzarello. She would recommend her Sisters, ‘Always be cheerful, and never forget the one who loves you so much in the Lord.’ Hearts filled with love for our Mother we spent the day in prayer as she said, ‘Pray always, let prayer be the weapon of