AMAR # 1231 Set Apart for the mission at Maria Vihar!

AMAR # 1231 Set Apart for the mission at Maria Vihar!

God is full of surprises and love. This year once again He has kept us all together to continue to live as one family.

To begin our new pastoral year 2020-21, a special prayer service was animated, wherein the seven of us were anointed with olive oil. It symbolised that each of us was receiving a specific gift of the Holy Spirit and the mandate for the year 2020-21. Hands were laid on each sister where we praised and thanked God for the gift of each other in the community. Each one was given 12 types of fruit (dry fruits), which symbolised the 12 fruits of the Holy Spirit that would nurture and strengthen the members in the mission.

 This was followed by tasty and enjoyable fellowship meal.  We enjoyed the different games during recreation.

 It was indeed the fitting day to begin this journey of 2020-21 in identifying ourselves with Mary as her Daughters to make Maria Vihar – a House of the Love of God where the young people feel themselves welcomed, and where daily life lived in love and joy becomes the continuation of Mary’s Magnificat.

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  1. Wow wonderful initiative to begin the year. You inspire us. All the best sisters


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