AMAR # 1236 Maria Vihar Workers meet St. Maria Mazzarello!

AMAR # 1236 Maria Vihar Workers meet St. Maria Mazzarello!

The Feast of our Co-Foundress St. Maria Mazzarello was celebrated with much joy and enthusiasm here at Maria Vihar on 13 July 2020. We commenced our day with the Holy Eucharist which was presided over by Fr. Clarence Martis SDB. During the Eucharist, we specially prayed for all children and young people of our mission and also all those affected due to COVID 19 .

This year we celebrated the feast in unique way making our helpers the centre-piece of the celebrations. And so our focus was to highlight Maria Mazzarello, the worker – the humility, determination, and love that characterized all her work. In the evening we had a short prayer service and a power point presentation on the life of Maria Mazzarello, followed by some lively games. The workers were highly excited when they saw the Sisters too join in for a tug-of-war. Rollicking laughter, fun and excitement continued all through the delicious high tea that everyone enjoyed as one family.

In the evening we had a fellowship with a sumptuous meal and a Goodnight with the 4 working girls of the hostel who are with us. Around 9 pm we organized a Zoom meeting with the hostel and boarding girls who are at home which was the finale of the day. Sr. Philomena D’Souza, the animator of Maria Vihar, spoke briefly about Maria Mazzarello, encouraging the girls to be like her, a valiant woman who made a difference in her times.

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