AMAR # 1240 MM celebrated at Pushpanjali, Dakor!

AMAR # 1240 MM celebrated at Pushpanjali, Dakor!

On 13th July, we, the Sisters of Pushpanjali, Dakor along with the tuition children, whose parents are migrant workers celebrated the feast of our Co-foundress. We were glad to meet the children after a long period of time and this celebration brought a lot of joy around. They were nearly a hundred in number and many volunteers joined us to participate in the celebration and to assist the children.  The feast day commenced with a prayer moment which was conducted by Sr. Prezy Parmar. Sr. Urvashi Makwana presented the life of Mother Mazzarello focusing on three points: 1. Be cheerful 2. Show love to God and parents  3. Work hard and study well.   

An inspiring message was delivered by Sr. Hilda Braganza, the animator of Pushpanjali.  She recommended them to take care of themselves and keep safe. Sr. Elphina Rodrigues conducted the short quest session. Children with the correct answers were rewarded with prizes. The little stars of Pushpanjali went home with lot of joy on their faces and the snacks.

Long live St. Mary Mazzarello!   

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