AMAR # 1242 “No Pandemic can stop my Academic” says Auxilium Baroda!

AMAR # 1242 “No Pandemic can stop my Academic” says Auxilium Baroda!

True to these words spoken by Prof. Samuel Johnson, during a recent webinar conducted by the CBCI, we Auxilium Convent School Baroda launched into the world of e-learning.

Geared with smart phones, laptops, power-banks, hands-free, microphones and other gadgets, we embarked on our maiden voyage towards the virtual world of learning. With Google Meet and Google Classroom to our rescue we explored innovated methods of teaching. Creating a meeting, teaching 60 – 70 students, making use of videos, ppts,  the jamboard, sending voice messages or audio recordings, links to other websites, posting homework and assignments online, our teachers left no stone unturned to make sure that the teaching-learning process was effective.

This novel method of teaching was initially, a challenge for our (Aux-Baroda) teachers as they grappled with the technicalities of the apps. However, within a week or two they mastered the art of teaching. Almost all students, having access to the internet via their phones or laptops, benefitted from this innovation. All students, right from the kindergarten to the high school, were glued to their screens, catching every word and gesture of their teachers. They used every opportunity to talk, discuss, question and clarify doubts with their teachers.

However it is hard to deny the fact that the traditional classroom teaching method can ever be replaced. Co-curricular activities aimed at a wholistic development of the child, the ‘real interaction’ (as opposed to the virtual) between teachers and students, the bonds of friendship, trust, respect, of learning to work together, to share ideas, feelings, of growing up and gaining experiences,… seem impossible at the moment. We miss the students as much as they miss us (…and the playground and the classroom).

The future seems uncertain and yet one can only hope that the tomorrow with be better.

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