AMAR # 1244 I am happy to be a Daughter – Anmol Koparkhairane!

AMAR # 1244 I am happy to be a Daughter -  Anmol Koparkhairane!

The Pandemic has changed our lives tremendously. The way of living and behaving has completely changed, the things that we took for granted have changed and what was common four months back, have now become redundant. In this situation where we have a dozen girls who are adults need to be kept busy and cheerful and at times this is a challenge to all of us here at ANMOL Koparkhairane.

The Sisters have inserted many new programmes  and have to come up with exciting ideas, but the one that we had recently was the most indeed the best of them all… A DAUGHTER’S DAY celebration…

          On 24th July 2020, the Sisters at Anmol Koparkhairane planned a beautiful evening for the girls. The girls usually take a lot of interest in preparing for the Parent’s Day. Seeing their enthusiasm we thought of appreciating their efforts by giving them a pleasant surprise.   The lockdown has restricted our movements and so the hall was given a look of a restaurant, the food was cooked by the sisters keeping in mind their taste and likes. When the girls entered the hall they could not believe their eyes. Their joy had no bounds…this was the first time ever when they had received a surprise of this kind.

They were served by the sisters. There was soft music in the background and of course the food that they like. The Dinner consisted of starters, main course and a desert.  After the dinner, each girl was presented with an initiative- a dress cut out with a message. They were thrilled to receive the message which they believed it was truly for them.  The music played helped them dance away and feel relaxed and they enjoyed every moment.

The sisters are sure that all that happened in a matter of just two hours will create a lifelong impact on our girls. We were very happy to see their smiling faces and twinkling eyes, and happier as we saw in them the desire to live a dignified life. One of them said, “Sister today, for the first time I feel proud to be a daughter because I always tried to be a son.” We are sure that this surprise will always help them to feel special, wanted and loved.   May God bless them and fill their life with joy and happiness.

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  1. Congrats Sr. Joanna and community sisters for your creative initiative of LOVE expressions for daughters God has entrusted to you


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