October 2020

AMAR # 1294 Provincial Gratitude Day at Pansora!

“Thanks ever thanks” On 29th October, 2020 with immense joy the Sisters of the Gujarat region celebrated the Provincial Gratitude day at Pansora. Sr.Priscilla Travasso (Baroda), Sr.Nayana Vankar (Pansora),Sr.Hilda Braganza (Dakor), and their community sisters were present for this great celebration. This celebration was very fascinating and also the venue was very dear to our dear Provincial Sr.Rita Dora. It is because her mission as newly professed and as a

AMAR # 1293 Appreciation Evening at Auxilium Wadala!

Appreciation is a key to any relationship. Appreciating someone makes them feel good about what they do, and that it makes a difference to their lives. It makes them feel better about themselves, urging them to go on with new vigor, strengthening your relationship. On 15th October, we at Auxilium Wadala celebrated Appreciation Evening by appreciating one another in the community in a creative way animated by Sr. Rosaline Pereira.

AMAR # 1292 Jubilee for the Earth at Ahmednagar!

We at Auxilium, Ahmednagar celebrated the Jubilee Earth Day from 1 October to 4 October 2020. The day began with a prayer moment honouring Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation. We organized a three days online competition viz, selfie with nature, selfie with creatures and selfie with home garden. All the students were asked to give appropriate captions giving messages to care for Mother Earth and be responsible stewards

AMAR # 1291 Inauguration of Sahayini VTC, Wadala!

October 13, 2020 was indeed a blessing for the Staff of Sahayini VTC. Sr Rosaline Pereira (Project Manager) organized 3 hours adoration at Auxilium School Chapel. The recollection began at 9:00 am. Sr Meena D’Silva welcomed everyone present in the chapel. Later, Sr Rosaline led the praise and worship, asking us to seek forgiveness and surrender ourselves to God. At the end we prayed over Sr Meena, Sr Rosaline and

AMAR # 1290 Celebrating “Mary, the Blessed Fruit of Creation”!

We, the Sisters of Maria Vihar began our Marian month on the birthday of our Blessed Mother that 8th September till 7th October 2020. “Mary the blessed fruit of creation” was the fitting theme for the entire month as we were also celebrating the Season of Creation. The love for Mary was grew more with different activities like animated rosaries, Marian meditations, Marian goodnights, talks on Mary by our community

AMAR # 1289 “You sweeten the lives of our children” Auxilium Carona!

On 5th September we the community of Auxilium, Carona together with Lion’s club members acknowledged and appreciated the hard work of our teachers who take lot of interest to impart the food of knowledge to our children  through media. On this day, we thanked God for the gift of teachers as we began  the celebration with meaningful prayer service after that followed the surprise virtual programme  by the students who

AMAR # 1288 Poetry Competition at Auxilium Wadala!

Speaking on stage not only develops one’s talent for conversing but is also a great experience for both the speaker and the audience. Poetry Competition was conducted virtually for the students from Std. I to Std.  IV. The participants eloquently recited the poems based on the 3 topics that is Corona Pandemic, Plant Health, Honest and Upright citizens. The judges Sr. Jacintha Moisan FMA and Mrs. Marina Gomes were highly

AMAR # 1287 Gandhi Jayanti at Auxilium Pansora!

We at Auxilium, Pansora celebrated Gandhi Jayanti. During the Morning Prayer we highlighted the values of Mahatma Gandhi of non-violence and prayed for our nation. The students sang a song on Gandhi and the speech was given by Tr. Kaylash Macwan, where she spoke on the life of Gandhiji. The video clippings were shown to them on honesty and truthfulness. The headmistress, Sr.Sunita Dabhi gave an activity to clean their

AMAR # 1286 Season of Creation at Pansora, Gujarat!

“Praise be you, my Lord, with all your creatures “.  From 27th September to 4th October, we the community of Pansora celebrated the Season of Creation week. We inaugurated the week with the evening adoration. Every day we highlighted theme like seed, plants, trees, rivers, mountains, fields, birds, animals and human being visible and invisible. The Morning and Evening prayer were well animated by Sr. Monika Macwan, where we meditated

AMAR # 1285 Gandhi Jayanti 2020 at Keshnand!

On 2nd October 2020, we in the Community of Maria Sharan Keshnand celebrated Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti.  During our Morning Prayer we highlighted the esteemed virtues of Gandhiji viz. non-violence and truth. We asked God to bless the leaders of our nation. The children, who are with us during this time campaigned about ‘Swachh Bharat’. They cleaned the ground and the garden. The girls also expressed their love for Mahatma Gandhiji