AMAR # 1294 Provincial Gratitude Day at Pansora!

AMAR # 1294 Provincial Gratitude Day at Pansora!

“Thanks ever thanks”

On 29th October, 2020 with immense joy the Sisters of the Gujarat region celebrated the Provincial Gratitude day at Pansora. Sr.Priscilla Travasso (Baroda), Sr.Nayana Vankar (Pansora),Sr.Hilda Braganza (Dakor), and their community sisters were present for this great celebration. This celebration was very fascinating and also the venue was very dear to our dear Provincial Sr.Rita Dora.

It is because her mission as newly professed and as a Provincial was initiated from here. The programme began with a short prayer moment, animated by the Pushpanjali Sisters. It was a gracious moment for each one of us as we thanked the Lord for all the sisters of our Province with our dear Sr. Rita Dora. The anchors of the day were Sr.Breneel Sambrea and Sr.Quincyann Vieira, who led the programme with great enthusiasm and feelings of nostalgia. Sr.Magdeline Sequeira, the Vice Provincial welcomed our Provincial and the Sisters of Dakor, Pansora and Baroda communities with her mind-blowing creativity to start the event. The communities of the Gujarat region showed their gratitude through words and songs.  

The Provincial addressed the Sisters through her inspirational words. She shared her experiences of her mission at Gujarat, she was also very grateful to God for the many blessings she has received during her last five and a half years. She was overjoyed to be in her favourite and blissful place. The delicious fellowship was prepared and shared by the Sisters of the all the communities. The programme was concluded by the trilling ‘Garba’ Dance on the floor along with our Provincial Sr.Rita Dora Thomas.

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