AMAR # 1298 Diwali and Children’s Day celebration at Keshnand.

AMAR # 1298 Diwali and Children's Day celebration at Keshnand.

The Community of Maria Sharan celebrated Diwali Celebration cum Children’s day in our premises. The prayers were offered for the children of our Institute and for our Hindu brothers and sisters, who are celebrating this festival of Light, May this festival of Light bring prosperity, joy and happiness in our life.

The children had put up a beautiful rangoli, and lit lambs around it.   We began small programme by inviting the Light of God to shine upon us through prayers, the children offered their prayers to God, for our Nation, and the children those who are unfortunate to live their lives happily. We the Sisters of this centre were too filled with joy to have 6 children with us at this particular time of pandemic and we wished them happiness.

The games were conducted by Sr. Justina Rodrigues and they participated with a lot of enthusiasm.  We as a community, appreciated and thanked our children for their very presence, and we wished the other children on these feasts, through a phone call, those children who are at home were too happy to receive wishes from all the Sisters of Maria Sharan.

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