AMAR # 1299 Twin Celebrations at Maria Vihar.

AMAR # 1299 Twin Celebrations at Maria Vihar.

Diwali is a celebration that unites people from every corner, religion and caste. The simple smile and a kind, accommodating heart melt even the hardest of hearts. It is a time when people mingle about in joy and embrace one another.  Diwali is also a celebration of prosperity and indeed we are also blessed to celebrate our wealth that are our children.

The Celebration in Maria Vihar began From 12 November evening with the Hostel girls. A meaningful prayer service was conducted by our girls and a special lamp was lit for our dear Sr. Nicolina Viano who began the mission here in Maria Vihar..  The entire campus was decked by Rangoli and lamps. The next day we had a celebration with our VTC students. Sr. Florie D’Mello gave beautiful message on God as Light in our lives.

On 14 November during the Eucharist little Darvin D’Souza the nephew of Sr. Philomena D’Souza offered a statue of a child carved on the palm. We thanked Jesus the Light of the World and prayed for all the Children of our institute. The wishes were sent through a video to all our children.

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