December 2020

AMAR # 1309  Christmas at MYC, Wadala!

On 24th December 2020, the students of Mazzarello Professional Academy animated a Christmas programme. It was started with a short prayer along with the lighting of a candle, which marked the presence of Christ among us. The students put up a skit based on the birth of Jesus and sang a carol. In the end, Sr. Caroline Menezes, the animator gave a short message on the meaning of Christmas, and

AMAR # 1308 Christmas celebration at Auxilium Wadala

Our world is torn into pieces through this dangerous pandemic the Corona Virus. At last The Ultimate Vaccine is born to heal our world….Our Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas is a time that unites families and friends. It is a time to thank God for His immense love for humankind revealed in JESUS. This same love was shared among us here at Auxilium family Wadala with the teaching and non- teaching

AMAR # 1307 Christmas Celebrations at Auxilium Caranzalem

The teaching and non-teaching staff, along with the sisters of Auxilium High School, Caranzalem, gathered together on the 23rd of December for a short Christmas celebration. The presence of the children was greatly missed. We began with a prayer moment, where in the Christmas characters – Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the angel, the shepherds and Wise men, enacted by the teachers, came to give us a message for Christmas. We then

AMAR # 1306 Goa Liberation Day celebrations  at Auxilium Caranzalem

The 60th Liberation Day of Goa was celebrated by the management and staff of Auxilium High School, Caranzalem on the 19th of December with much patriotism. It was the first time we celebrated this great event in the absence of the children. We began with a meaningful prayer moment, praying for our beautiful state of Goa, facing fear because of the pandemic and anxiety because of the mega projects signed

AMAR # 1305 Provincial Gratitude Day celebrations in Goa

‘Building bridges of social friendship for a caring society’, was the theme chosen for our Provincial Gratitude Day celebrated on the 9th of December, for the Goa region including the community of Oros. All of us were united in prayer, as we prayed a common well animated Morning Prayer in our respective communities prepared by Sr. Caroline D’Souza. At 10.30 am we were all in Carona around the Eucharistic table

AMAR # 1304 English Classes at Auxilium Baroda!

If you ever watched the British TV serial ‘Mind your Language’ and loved it thoroughly then I bet you shouldn’t miss a chance to take a sneak peek into the classroom on the ground floor of Auxilium Convent High School, Baroda. At half past one, you will see students or young adults scurry from the classrooms, from across the ground and from the garden to grab their favourite seats. Their

AMAR # 1303 Gratitude Day at Auxilium Baroda!

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It is regarded as a virtue that not only shapes our emotions and thoughts but also our actions and deeds. To develop a constant feeling of gratitude Auxilium Convent School, Baroda celebrated Gratitude Day on 12th December 2020 to acknowledge and appreciate the Sisters. The teaching and the non- teaching staff got actively involved in the celebration. The programme began with a prayer moment,