AMAR # 1108 Celebrating 70 years and beyond… at Auxilium Wadala!

“Trees are God’s alphabets, with them He writes His message of love each day,” says Leonora Speyer. A gigantic tree is a home to many varied species, they spread their branches wide to provide shade and shelter even to a woodcutter. Trees are often referred to as life-givers. The Auxilium school Wadala celebrated 70 years of our existence in the vicinity of Wadala where the school is a sheltering home

AMAR # 1107 Christmas get-together in Mumbai!

On the first day of the first month of January 2020, the Sisters gathered at Auxilium Pali Hill, Bandra for the annual Christmas get-together. Sisters were present from MYC, Auxilium –Wadala, Auxilium Centre-Bandra, Dahanu, Uttan, and Nirmal. We began with a prayer service and enjoyed ourselves with a number of games. The young and the old all participated with enthusiasm and joy. The best part was the Bible Housie. Prizes

AMAR # 1106 Youth Meet at MYC, Wadala!

In preparation for the Provincial Gratitude Day, on the 29th of December, we the community of MYC Wadala invited youngsters from the Parish of St. Anthony’s Dharavi and from St. Dominic Savio, Antop Hill, Wadala East. Nearly 28 young people were present in the AMAR auditorium, Wadala at 4.00 pm. Since the teenagers were from different places, an ice-breaker session was conducted so that they could know each other which

AMAR # 1105 Love shared on New Year’s Day at Auxilium Caranzalem!

It is said, “Love is doubled when shared”. Love was born on Christmas Day and He invites us to share this love with all, especially the less fortunate. The community of Auxilium Caranzalem invited five poor families on New Year’s Day for a fellowship meal, thus sharing the love of Jesus with them. Thus, the first day of our New Year began on a joyful note, as it doubled our

AMAR # 1104 6 LETTER WORD THANKS at Bandra!

In honour of Provincial Gratitude day, we the Sisters of Auxilium Bandra anticipated the PROVINCIAL GRATITUDE day on 2nd January 2020, with the theme: “Enkindle STARs in the lives of young”. We have journeyed together the whole month praying, praising and thanking God for the vital presence of every Sister, the young and everyone who comes in contact with us in our Province. We began this day with hearts full

AMAR # 1103 Sports Day at Auxilium Ahmednagar!

It was the first time; the 20th of December Auxilium had the Annual Sports Day exclusively for the primary section. The keynote of the entire event was eco-friendliness. The drills put up showcased how to conserve and preserve Mother Nature. The Chief Guest was Mr. Diwate, an advocate and parent of our student. He encouraged the children to take part in sports and balance their academics with physical activities as well. The

AMAR # 1102 Nutrition and Environment Camp at Ahmednagar!

On 11th December 2019, we at Auxilium Community College, Ahmednagar began the Nutrition and Environment camp for three days. We began with an inaugural function, and Miss. Supriya D’Souza who is an active social worker at the Jesuit Social Centre was the Chief Guest. Sr. Pushpa Parmar began with a short prayer after which Miss. Supriya D’Souza spoke to the nursing students on how to become Angels of health and care. 

AMAR # 1101 Gratitude Day and Farewell at Auxilium Caranzalem!

We at Auxilium Caranzalem, had our School Gratitude Day clubbed with the farewell of two of our staff members, Mrs. Isabella De Souza and Mrs. Fatima Rodrigues. It was a day of thanksgiving to the sisters for their generous self-giving throughout the year, and to Mrs. Isabelle and Mrs. Fatima who served our institution for 31 and 33 years respectively. We began with a Eucharistic celebration celebrated by Fr. Clive

AMAR # 1100 English speaking camp at Pansora!

From the 28th to 30th November 2019, an English Language camp was organized at Auxilium School Pansora. There were a group of teachers came along with Sr.Moksha Anthonappa from Sahayini Mumbai. They taught the students everything in English . There were ‘Good Morning’ talks, stories, action songs, games, videos, numbers, alphabets, and skits, etc. Even the school teachers taught grammar and handwriting in order to help the students to improve

AMAR # 1099 Annual Day at Auxilium Pansora!

On 14th December 2019 the Auxilium Primary School  Pansora, hosted their School Annual day. It commenced at 4.00 p.m. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mr. Mahesh Parmar who got the best teacher`s award and the Guest of Honour was Fr.Sebastin, the Parish Priest of Umreth Church, Our Lady of Fatima and Mr.Ankur Dabhi, the Assistant Scientist at ISRO. The Religious and Priests too were present for this occasion