AMAR # 1319 Motivational Sessions at Auxilium – Nandgad

AMAR # 1319 Motivational Sessions at Auxilium – Nandgad

On 15 January 2021, Fr. Joseph Rodrigues, SDB from Hubli explained to us in detail the Strenna 2021. The theme that the rector major has given is “Moved by hope”. Fr. Joseph with his powerpoint presentation made it very easy for us to understand the Strenna and also gave us few tips, how we can be hope-filled persons especially in this time of the pandemic. He gave us a few questions to reflect on and share with each other. The session that Fr. Joseph conducted was indeed a thought-provoking one.

On 16 January, Fr. Joseph Rodrigues, at 9:30 am took the session for our Std. X students on the topic, “Self-esteem”. With the help of the powerpoint presentation, group work, discussion, and group games tried to bring out the confidence in their own abilities. He also stressed more on how they should high self-esteem in themselves and not be carried away by peer pressure. They took an active part in all the activities that were conducted during the session. We felt that they were all geared up to set their goals right with much confidence.

In the afternoon, Fr. Joseph Rodrigues took a session for our teachers, focussing on “emotions”. Through his powerpoint presentation and role-play which was acted out by the staff, he made us aware of how we should get in touch with our emotions. He focussed more on what we have gone through during this Covid- 19 pandemic. Fr. Joseph made the session interactive and lively wherein teachers were able to share their feelings and emotions.  We thank Fr. Joseph for his generosity and availability in giving us valuable sessions which will surely help us to be better persons and make a difference in society.

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