AMAR # 1321 Scout and Guide Activity – Auxilium High School, Caranzalem.

AMAR # 1321 Scout and Guide Activity – Auxilium High School, Caranzalem.

Robert Baden Powell has beautifully said, “The most worthwhile thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others.” On the 15th of January, three guides and three scouts from Std 9 accompanied by Scout Masters, Sir. Jose Lopes, Sir. Clive Fernandes, Guide captain Ms. Margaret Menezes and Sr. Melissa D’Souza FMA from Auxilium High School, Caranzalem set about to put this quote into practice. They were on the mission ‘Spreading Happiness’ and their target was to bring a smile to the faces of the most forgotten. The scouts and guides of the school, stitched masks and collected shirts, t-shirts, pants, and other necessary items. 

On the appointed day the above-mentioned group went to the Garbage Sorting Site, Taleigao to distribute the collected items to the garbage workers. The group saw their pathetic condition, wherein the workers had to labour hard to sort out the waste just for a meagre salary. Apart from this, they hardly received any appreciation or recognition for their work. Shri. Regha Pai, the Deputy Sarpanch of Taleigao too came to the site and thanked the Scouts, Guides and their captains for their noble initiative.

The group was unable to reach out to the other workers who were on different errands, like door-to-door garbage collection, collection of the garbage in trucks. Hence they presented the remaining shirts and masks to the Deputy Sarpanch, who assured them that she would give the essentials to the remaining workers. They also presented kurtas and masks to the maids working in the convent

It was a fulfilling mission indeed!

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