AMAR # 1336 Farewell for Hindi teachers at Auxilium, Ahmednagar.

AMAR # 1336 Farewell for Hindi teachers at Auxilium, Ahmednagar.


    An unforgettable, mesmerizing farewell programme was organized in honour of the High School both Hindi teachers – Tr. Katherina Desai and Tr.Rohini at Auxilium School, Ahmednagar.

     The Manager Sr. Rita Lobo, Principal Sr. Latha Arogia, Supervisor Sr. Nilima Rodrigues, and all teachers took heart-rendering efforts to make the day special for both the teachers. The quadrangle was festooned appropriately keeping in mind the theme of the day.

         The programme started at 5 p.m with a grand welcome followed by a meaningful prayer service. Then the Queens of the Hindi department were felicitated with mementos, floral bouquets, shawl, and gifts.

     To reminisce the joyous moments, the evening fiesta was devoted to the years of service spent at Auxilium Ahmednagar. The welcome song, dances of the past pupils and the teachers, messages of Alumni and the present students gave an emotional touch to the evening.

   The keynote address by the Manager and the Principal insisted on their personal experiences with the teachers and good wishes for their future. A few teachers also shared their thoughts on this very emotional day.

    The teachers were overwhelmed and had tears of joy when they spoke about their journey in Auxilium of more than 2 decades.

     The farewell programme organised with great love and enthusiasm endeavoured to leave a trail of nostalgia for each and every member of the Auxilium family.

 The joyous evening ended with the Auxilium family cutting the cake and having supper together.

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