AMAR # 1349 Women’s Week Celebration in Auxilium – Nandgad

AMAR # 1349 Women’s Week Celebration in Auxilium – Nandgad

“Women are the real architects of society “. We tried to imbibe in our students the value to respect for women. We also tried to make them aware that women are the real architects of society.

From 15 March to 20 March 2021, we had a meaningful and very informative Women’s week celebration in our school. We began with an inaugural prayer service asking God to implore his blessings as we commence this week with much love and enthusiasm.  During this entire week ‘Goodmorning’ thoughts on many different women personalities were given by the Sisters and the teachers.

Sr. Maria Shirsath gave a good morning thought on the life of St. Teresa of Calcutta. Through the videos on the life of St. Teresa, it became clearer to the students that she was selfless in giving herself generously in the service of poor and abandoned humanity.

During this entire week the activities that were carried out were: Women’s Day for parents of the students, teachers, and workers etc., various competitions were conducted on each day like fancy dress, Rangoli, speech, drawing, essay on the theme of women. We also showed them a short movie on the life of women and had a discussion on the same. We concluded this week with a short entertainment programme which comprised of prayer service, dance and the felicitation of female teachers, workers and social workers of our school.

It was indeed a week with many activities that created in our students the awareness of knowing that a woman is a blessing and holds an important place in society. It was a week wherein even our teachers, workers, parents felt appreciated and empowered to dream big and make a difference in their life.

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