AMAR #1376 Clerical staff and Workers orientation at Auxilium Baroda

AMAR #1376 Clerical staff and Workers orientation at Auxilium Baroda

Father Vincent Saldana took a two-hour session with the support staff of Auxilium Convent High School on 26thJune, 2021.He stressed upon various values that people should adopt in their day to day dealings, with not only their family but also with their fellow staff members. Some of the values he spoke about were love, patience, forgiveness, equality, cooperation and generosity. He talked about the need to respect colleagues and be an inspiration to others.

At the end he said that growth of family values and culture is a true investment. He emphasized the need to realise that one reaps whatever one sows. This maxim is always applicable, everywhere, so being compassionate and empathetic towards others, especially your work-mates, is an absolute necessity.

He concluded by saying life is priceless; we must be kind and generous to our subordinates. We must behave intellectually rather than operate out of anger. All these were elaborately explained with examples during the session.

Two hours flew and before we knew it, it was time to go.  It was indeed an enriching session and we are grateful to the Sisters for having arranged one for us. Grazie!!!

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