AMAR # 1488 Marian Month celebration in Nandgad

AMAR # 1488 Marian Month celebration in Nandgad

From 15th August to 8th September 2021 Auxilium Convent, Nandgad celebrated Marian Month in the School as well as in the boarding. The Sisters, teachers, students and all the helpers joined together to express their love for Our Blessed Mother. Every week creative decorations were done by the Sisters, teachers with their respected class students and the helpers too. The morning assemblies were animated by each class.

In the boarding of Auxilium Nandgad, the boarders were divided into groups. Every week, the statue of Mother Mary was decorated creatively by the Sisters and the boarders. Various competitions like composing songs, dressing up like Mary, Rosary – making with the help of natural things, dance, Marian games, and Quiz were conducted for the boarders. 

The Marian Month was concluded with Holy Rosary with procession and creative games were conducted for them. The boarders were given prizes and gifts for their excellent animation.

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