AMAR # 1492 Marian month at Pansora

AMAR # 1492 Marian month at Pansora

                With great joy and happiness we, the Sisters and the Boarders of Jag Prakash kanya Chatraly, Pansora, began our Marian Month on 15th August 2021. We joyfully carried the beautiful statue of our Blessed Mother in a procession from the boarding entrance gate to chapel singing hymns to our Blessed Mother. It was a great joy to welcome Mary in our hearts and home. 

Sr. Monika Macwan conducted a meaningful praver service on the theme chosen for the month “I entrust them to you” highlighting how fortunate we are to have a Mother who cares and loves us her children especially during these days of the Covid 19 Pandemic and how we need to listen to her and practice her virtues so as to keep our families safe, healthy, united and happy.

 The Sisters joined the children for the animated Rosary every evening praying devoutly for the various needs of the world and the suffering humanity. Various activities were held during the month to grow in our love and devotion to Mary;   Marian singing, Preparing Our Lady’s grotto, Rosary Making, Marian Rangoli, and Enacting of Marian Apparitions. The Sisters assisted the children during this special Marian month activities. The children exhibited their love for Mary and their talents by participating whole heartedly in every activity.

We concluded the Marian Month on 12th September with a fun filled Marian Nite organized by the Sisters. May Our Blessed Mother continue to assist us on our onward journey through the Covid Pandemic. 

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