September 2021

AMAR # 1484 Teachers’ Day and the Girl Child Day at Bableshwar

On 5th September 2021 Teachers’ Day was celebrated for the children of the tuition class. Nearly 84 children from the four villages took part in this celebration. Children themselves planned the activities of the day. They had a short programme followed by a speech for the teachers. They also gifted potted plants and gave hand-made cards as a token of gratitude. The programme was concluded with vote of thanks and

AMAR # 1483 ADMA Members of Bableshwar on a pilgrimage

4th September 2021 at 11.00 am we went to Haregaon with our ADMA group for the Marian pilgrimage. All together 20 women, men and youth took part in this pilgrimage. On our way to Haregaon we prayed the Rosary and sang Marian hymns. We took part in the Mass celebrated by the Diocesan priest Fr. Domnic D.  This was followed by the Rosary and talk given by Fr. Suresh Sathe,

AMAR # 1482 “Sodality Sanghtna” at Nirmal

On 15th August, on the feast of “Assumption of Our Lady “in Holy Trinity Church Gomesali, we had our first meeting of “Mother Teresa Sodality group”. For the meeting Fr. Dominic D’Abrio, Parish Priest, Sr. Jean Colas, and the eight members were present. The meeting started with a prayer which was conducted by Mrs. Philomena Gomes, the leader of the group. The main aim of the group is to visit

AMAR # 1481 A Walk with Mary at Dakor

From the Cross Jesus gave Mary to be our Mother. We, as her daughters, are called to walk with her. Walking with her entails that we imbibe her virtues of faith, hope and charity. So at Pushpanjali, Dakor we had a month long preparation to venerate Mary with the Theme “Walk with Mary” which began on 15th August. Each of us in the community began our journey by honoring her

AMAR # 1480 Girl Child Day at Kune

On 8th September 2021, at Ashish Bhavan Kune we celebrated the Girl Child Day. 25 girls were present for the programme. We began our programme with prayer moment at 3.00 p.m.  A video was screened highlighting the importance of the girl child and how they can play important role in building this world and their right of living a happy life. Sr. Asha D’Monty delivered a message that the girl

AMAR # 1479 Marian Month at Madanthyar

We at Maria Kripa, Madanthyar began our Marian month on 15 August feast of our Lady of Assumption and concluded it on 15 September, 2021.  By the grace of God during this pandemic we were glad to have few hostelites with us. During this month we kept up the novena of nativity of our lady by attending everyday parish mass and goodnights which was send by the media group along

AMAR # 1478 Pilgrimage to Uttan

‘It all began with Mary’ the statement made by our father and founder Don Bosco has become the source and inspiration to his daughters as we too believe and experience Mary’s motherly goodness and loving presence in our life as well as in the mission. The celebration of Marian month at Auxilium, Wadala was rich with the variety of activities and among them, one of the initiatives was the pilgrimage

AMAR # 1477 Girl Child day in Nandgad

“A girl child is a pride and the future of the nation. Empowering Girl child means empowering future”. On 8th September 2021 we had a meaningful celebration of the Girl Child Day. On the previous day i.e on 7th Septembertheboys of our school wished all the girls. On the 8th September a video was forwarded on the whatsapp group of our school wishing all the girls.           Sr. Rita Fernandes,

AMAR # 1476 Triple celebrations at Dahanu

On 8th of September the AYAC Dahanu community celebrated triple celebrations viz. the Nativity of our Blessed Mother Mary, the Girl Child Day and Teachers’ Day. Children from 6 villages and the VTC students especially girls, nearly 180 were present for the celebration. ‘It all began with Mary’. We commenced the programme by placing flowers near the feet of Mother Mary. The tuition children invoked God’s blessings through a prayer

AMAR # 1475 Teachers' Day at Auxilium Carona

“Teacher, like a CUBE you give dimension to our lives.” Auxilium Carona celebrated Teachers Day with a lot of joy and cheer. The celebration commenced with the Holy Eucharist. The liturgy was centred on the theme. The teachers were then escorted to the school hall where the Sisters conducted a few hilarious games. The teachers enjoyed and it was followed with a sumptuous lunch. The Sisters appreciated the teachers for