AMAR # 1500 Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti: one more step into Swachata Abhiyaan

AMAR # 1500 Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti:   one more step into Swachata Abhiyaan

01 October: On the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti – Swachata Abhiyaan was carried on in Auxilium Welfare Centre, Pune. The MSCIT Computer Students participated whole heartily in the Cleaning Drive of our Koregoan Park – Lane G.

Koregoan Park -Green Area in Pune

The Mahanagar Palika Supervisor for Koregoan Park Area – Mr. Sudesh Aherao was invited and was present for the event with a few of his colleagues. Sr. Sunanda Solanki welcomed the Chief Guest and the Animator of the Community. Mr. Sudesh Aherao was congratulated for Koregoan Park area being known as Green Area in Pune.

Dignity of every kind of work

Sr. Sunanda Solanki addressed the gathering on the dignity of every kind of work. 23 young students were present. They were encouraged to reach out to all types of works, considering nothing as a menial job. Awareness and sense of belonging was regenerated towards our country. Significant points from the beautiful article written by Sr. Dr. Teresa Joseph on “Gandhian Values to transform the World” were narrated to the students.

Together into the cleaning drive

It was indeed a surprising scene to see the youngsters busy cleaning the road. All the more amazing were the comments of the passers-by and those from the surrounding buildings. From ‘well done’ to ‘commendable work’ there were a number of encouraging words that cheered the hearts of our young students.

Mr. Sudesh Aherao and his team at The Mahanagar Palika were kind enough to provide the cleaning equipments and garbage Van to take away the collected garbage. After cleaning the road, the students displayed the placards on taking care of the environment and keeping it clean. The students were thanked and appreciated for expressing their spirit of service towards the country.

The Tuition children too were animated by Sr. Sunanda Solanki and they viewed the ‘Gandhi‘ Film. 

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