AMAR #1518 Diwali at Madanthyar

AMAR #1518 Diwali at Madanthyar

On 5th November 2021, we the Sisters and the hostel girls of Maria Kripa Madanthyar were glad to celebrate the feast of Deepavali – the festival of Light. We prepared beautiful Rangoli designs with our hostel girls and lit diyas all over the campus.

At evening a short prayer service was animated keeping in mind the theme: Victory of Light over the Sea of darkness. As Sr. Prema Tauro, the animator of the community lit the main samai, the rest of the diyas were lit by the hostel girls.

We remembered in our prayers for all the families who are unable to celebrate this festival due to loss of loved ones. The girls of our hostel were glad to lit diyas and took an oath to replace the forces of evil with goodness. They invited God’s light to bring about Joy, Peace and harmony wherever they are.

We ended our prayer moment holding each other’s hand and praying the powerful prayer Jesus though us ‘OUR FATHER’ as a sign of unity and peace.  

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