AMAR # 1547 Christmas celebration at Auxilium Nandgad

AMAR # 1547 Christmas celebration at Auxilium Nandgad

On 17th December Auxilium Convent English Medium School, Nandgad organized “Christmas Creativity” for all the students. There were various competitions like drawings on Christmas, preparing a wreathe, Santa Claus, cards, stars, Christmas tree, Christmas bells, Snow Man. All the students participated actively and creatively and received certificates for the best presentation.

On 22nd December, Auxilium Convent Nandgad, the Sisters and boarders had a Christmas Celebration. The boarders put up a meaningful skit on the birth of Jesus. There were also Christmas carols and dances presented with creatively bringing out the message of Christmas. All the boarders wished the Sisters with handmade surprise gifts and they too were given a gift in honour of Christmas.

On 23rd December, Auxilium Convent English Medium School, Nandgad had a Christmas celebration in the school. The students shared the joy of Christmas by enacting the birth of Jesus, which included dances and carols. Sr. Rita Fernandes, the animator gave a meaningful message on Christmas. Her message made the students understand that the feast of Christmas is a feast of love, Joy, care and share.

On 30th December Auxilium Convent Sisters in honour of Christ’s birth shared some grains and stationeries to the poor families of our neighborhood. This sharing of Christmas brought joy to these families and they expressed their gratitude towards us.  

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