February 2022

AMAR # 1588 ADMA members gather at Nirmal

On 24 February 2022, Sr. Jean Colas welcomed the ADMA members. She animated the Rosary and prayed for different intentions of the world.  The members viewed a video on “Our Lady of Lourdes”, whose feast we celebrated on 11 February. Mr. Pascoal Gomes explained to the members about the video.  Sr. Jean also spoke on the Lenten Season which we will begin soon. At the end, snacks were served to

AMAR # 1587 Gratitude day at Auxilium Pali Hill

“Thanks is our song.” The students, and staff set aside a day to thank the management for all that they do and are. On 17th February 2022 at 9.30 am the staff accompanied the Sisters to the stage. The students welcomed the Sisters with pompoms, music and dance. This was followed by a short prayer moment conducted by the teaching staff. Starting from the Manager, every Sister was felicitated with

AMAR # 1586 Provincial Gratitude Day

        Accompanied by Mary our Mother, the Sisters of M.M. Mumbai made a month-long journey building synodal communities by carrying for the poor and for Mother Earth. The 12 and 13th February 2022 was the days of culmination of the celebration as many Sisters rallied round Sr. Meenakshi D’Silva, Provincial to express their gratitude. The campus of Auxilium Baroda was decked with colours and smiling faces. This time it was

AMAR # 1585 Enhancement Programme for the Bursars

“Without the knowledge and application of administration you will waste your days”, says Meir Ezra. To help acquire the knowledge of administration, on 12 February 2022, Sr. Rita D’Souza, the Provincial Bursar along with her team of Sr. Luiza Fernandes and Sr. Elizabeth D’ Mello explained to the local bursars the Guidelines for the Management of the goods in the FMA Institute. The local bursars of the different communities along

AMAR # 1584 Auxilium Pali visits a unique place

On Monday, 7th February group of 15 Ex-students, 8 teachers and 2 Sisters visited a nursery at Bandra Opposite Supari Talao ground, where the proprietor Mr. Cristopher Pereira, specialized in manufacturing compost and handcrafted pots out of shredded dry trash and paper. The shredder is industrial in nature, and it is used to shred vast volumes of material into tiny, minute particles after being fed into it several times. A

AMAR # 1583 Celebration of Don Bosco’s feast and Sports Day

On 31st January 2022 Kune Katkari Vidhya Mandir School children celebrated the feast of Don Bosco, our founder and father of young. The programme began with a short prayer by Sr. Carol Nunes followed by games. The tiny tots rocked the playground with their energetic power. They enjoyed playing different games and also the movie of Don Bosco was screened to the school children, boarders and the tuition children and

AMAR # 1582 Maria Kripa celebrates Don Bosco

On 31 January 2022, Maria Kripa Madanthyar community celebrated the feast of our Father and Founder St. Don Bosco. The hostel girls of Maria Kripa put up a short cultural programme on the previous day.  Sr. Jaya Rodrigues the warden of the hostel girls prepared them for the small drama on the style of Don Bosco. The girls sang a song on ‘We call Don Bosco a gentle name’ and

AMAR # 1581 Feast of Don Bosco at Pansora

Jagprakash Kanya Chatralay celebrated the feast of Don Bosco with a variety of events with the various groups of our mission. With the workers and school staff on the 29th January, we celebrated Don Bosco’s feast with a prayer service, games, and a festal lunch. The 30th January was dedicated to the Past Pupils.  There were 24 past pupils attending the whole day meeting which consisted of a session on

AMAR # 1580 School Gratitude Day at Auxilium Nandgad

21st January was a very special day for Auxilium Nandgad as the school kept up the Gratitude Day. The teachers and the students expressed their love and gratitude through a beautiful programme. The students welcomed the Sisters with an aarathi and flowers. They put up a short programme which included a dance, a comedy skit and songs. The teachers too sang a meaningful thank you song and gave a gift