AMAR#1648-“Building Bridges of Love and communion”

We thank the Almighty for all that He does for us; giving us a new community to carry on his mission with love and communion.

In the evening of 19 June 2022, the feast of Corpus Christi, the animator Sr. Gracy Thomas guided the prayer service on the theme ”Building bridges of Love and Communion”. Jesus is the bridge that connects us to the Father. The Holy Eucharist we adore and consume makes us like Jesus. We in turn are called to become Jesus to all we encounter especially to those in our community.  We prayed that as bridge builders we may build bridges of love, hope and togetherness.

As we have started a new life in Christ Jesus in the community of Pushpanjali, Dakor we ask the Lord to continue to be with us in all our endeavours.

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