Ahmednagar celebrates Gratitude day !

Ahmednagar celebrates Gratitude day !

‘A family united in love’ was the theme of our community gratitude day which was on 17th September 2017 at Auxilium – Ahmednagar .All the different sectors of the house expressed their deep love and gratitude towards the animator, Sr. Teresa Plathara by offering up prayers and through songs, skits, cards and dances.

The sisters, boarders, ACC students, workers and women from the SHG – all got together as one big family to thank God and all the sisters for all the good that is done in this mission area.

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  1. Gr8 dear Sisters at ‘Nagar! V r proud of U!! May your LOVE for 1 another be rubbed on to us! Keep up the Good work U do 4 d good of the young!! God be praised n Mary our dear Mother be with U 24/7!!

    Caroline D. FMA


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