AMAR # 1777 Together we make a Home of Love @ Dakor

AMAR # 1777 Together we make a Home of Love @ Dakor


We the Community of  Pushpajali Dakor started our preparation for the community Gratitude day, on 5th to 10th March. The theme for Gratitude day was “TOGETRHER WE MAKE A HOME OF LOVE.” Each day we prayed for different Sector together with the Sister in charge, like:

DateAnimationPraying for the Sister and Sector
5thSr. Benzina  VayagharSr. Asha D’Monty  and Boarders
6thSr. Shaila D’MontySr. Maxina Luji and I.T.I. Staff, students and  Past Pupils.
7thSr. Asha D’MontySr. Shaila and Workers.
8thSr. Savita Parkhe Sr. Benzina Vayaghar, ADMA and Villages.
9thSr. Maxina LujiSr. Savita Parkhe, Social Ministry Staff, Women, tution teachers and children.
10th  Sr. Gracy ThomasSDB fathers, Sisters of Pansora and Benefactors.

 In the Chapel we had put the theme together with symbol of home and love and Down there were six jars symbolizing each Sister of the Community.   As we were praying for each Sister daily we also wrote the good qualities of each Sister and placed in the Jars. We had a vigil service on 10th conducted by Sr. Asha and Sr. Benzina and followed the fellowship meal in the recreation room. We spent a quality time with each and enjoyed the company of each other.  On 11th the feast day day we had the Morning prayer by Sr. Shaila.  On this day we especially prayed for our Dearest Sr. Gracy Thomas.  We had Mass celebration in the lecture hall, together with our Boarding girls.  We had Mass at 12:00 p.m.  in the afternoon. The main Celebrant was Fr Pravin Makwana Sdb, from Don Bosco, Dakor.  It started with an entrance the Prayer dance and Introduction on the theme where each Sisters carried the jar of her own which was placed in the chapel during the days of preparation. There was Prayer of the Faithful. Each sector had taken the different responsibilities and accomplished it with love and generosity towards our Pushpanjali family.  At 2.00 p.m. we commenced our cultural program.  It was beautiful and gave more significance of the feast by the presence of all the tuition children, teachers, boarding girls, ITI students and staff members, Women and Social Ministry staff who had come to express their Gratitude to our Dearest Sr. Gracy Thomas. We started our programme with the lighting of the lamp by the representative of each sector. Then followed a prayer dance and a welcome dance.  Then each group of tuition children came up with their different item to show their love and Gratitude to Sr. Gracy. At the end Sr. Gracy thanked everyone and she asked the children what is the meaning of being grateful and explain to them. Each sector presented a small gift to Sister to show their gratitude towards Pushpanjali Family. After the program we had photo session with all the sectors coming together. Then all the participants were placed in groups and served snacks and cold drink for them.

It was so wonderful to see all the children sitting in their group in a circle.  All were so happy and overjoyed that they came together to Pushpanjali.  There were around four hundred present for the program. The climax of the program was garba for a while. Then all went home happily. 

he evening prayer was conducted by Sr. Maxina, she concluded the day with a meaningful service. The echo of THANKS TO EACH OF OUR SISTERS IN THE COMMUNITY.

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